Accelerate Your Sabre API Integration

Use DataArt’s Accelerator Framework to migrate to Sabre Content Services for Lodging.


Migrating to Content Services for Lodging

Content Services for Lodging (CSL) is a set of Sabre APIs that integrates GDS lodging content with content from aggregators like, BedsOnline, and Expedia. It provides access to over one million properties across multiple sources and a set of orchestrated APIs for streamlined integration.

DataArt invested in R&D efforts to understand this new set of Sabre APIs. This resulted in our Accelerator Framework, which was created based on our deep expertise in travel technology and GDS services.

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Features of Content Services for Lodging

🔺  Content Services for Lodging integrates Sabre GDS and aggregators’ content to provide access to more content from multiple sources.

🔺  With CSL, travel agents can shop and book their preferred property, hotel, or short-term rental in a more personalized manner and using a user-friendly interface.

Speed Up Your Sabre GDS Integration

Our validated framework comes at no extra cost when you hire DataArt to implement your integration with the new CSL API. The Accelerator leverages DataArt’s R&D efforts to streamline the new API integration.

Benefits of Sabre API Integration

DataArt’s accelerator framework speeds up the migration process and reduces time to market.

12% Cost savings
18% Faster implementation

The CSL Accelerator consists of:


Our experts created a blueprint for a 4-step migration to the new CSL services. The blueprint includes checklists and step-by-step process descriptions, reducing project discovery time and enabling a more efficient implementation process.

You will be supported by a team of Senior Engineers and Business Analysts who will leverage their hands-on experience to speed up the Sabre API integration.


Our teams select the appropriate technology stack to support any solution and provide the foundation for its future scaling and enhancement.

We have experience integrating more than 100 APIs for our travel industry clients.

We have successfully delivered complex projects in different industries using proven delivery models.

We consistently achieve all compliance requirements and use transparent processes.

DataArt has been a Sabre Authorized Developer for 8 years.

We have developed and integrated custom software in over 25 projects using Sabre APIs.

Our professionals have experience developing complex GDS-related applications with a focus on end-to-end shopping, booking, fulfillment, and mid/back-office integration.

Project Assessment Checklist

To speed up the discovery process, we use a migration assessment checklist to establish boundaries and requirements for the migration project and make the Sabre API integration smoother and more dynamic:

Business context questions

Sabre GDS configuration checklist

Technical discovery questionnaire

Migration Modelling

We apply a ‘base case’ migration project model that helps to:

1 1

Speed up delivery of a project estimate

2 2

Pre-define the team to work on the project based on the specific roles

3 3

Assist with discovery questions and assumptions that we must validate to ensure the target solution meets business needs


What is Sabre GDS API?

APIs let travel agencies, OTAs, TMCs, and other travel-related companies connect their systems to the GDS and access travel content, which they can use to book flights, hotels, and cruises. APIs help simplify integration projects and shorten go-to-market time.

How does Sabre API integration work?

The API integration connects your system to the GDS and enables data exchange between the systems. The integration enables quick and flexible use of Sabre services.

Which industries does the CSL framework support?

CSL is designed for travel management companies that make lodging reservations and require an effective booking process, including searching and comparing information from different suppliers.

Who can execute the CSL integration process?

The integration can be implemented by leveraging Sabre’s Authorized Developer Network, or by your internal tech team. DataArt is a Sabre Authorized Developer and has experience with CSL integration projects.

Talk to an Expert

Mike King
Mike King

Mike is DataArt’s Strategic Relationship Director. He has 20+ years experience helping travel related companies achieve their business objectives with consulting and technology solutions. Mike is DataArt’s primary contact for Sabre related integration and development needs and is available to discuss potential business or technology solutions.


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